Monday, July 29, 2013

What Modern Men Want

Recently The New York Post bellowed the headline: How the price of sex has dropped to record lows It referred to the dating game and outlined a study by social psychologists from the University of Minnesota. Apparently while many men were hit hard after the global financial crisis, the research found that in the bedroom, men were the big ‘financial’ winners. Women, according to the story are jumping into the sack faster than ever before, without men having to bother with romance or even paying for a second date.

Journalist and author Samantha Brett explores this shift in her upcoming book “What Modern Men Want”.

Here is a snippet:

  •          Modern men want to be needed
  •         Modern men aren't afraid of successful women but don't want    it thrown in their faces
  •          Modern men want to earn sex
  •         Modern men only want to commit to a woman they can respect
  •          Modern men do want to get married - but in their own time

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