Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Others See.

Jack Dikian
July 2011

Here is a quick look at what others (besides us humans) who share our world see.

1. Horses have an amazing range of vision - that is, except for what is right in front of them. They literally can’t spot whatever is between their eyes and therefore directly ahead due to their binocular vision.

2. Many birds can see differently. Pigeons, for example, can see literally millions of different hues and are thought to be among the best at colour detection ability of any animal on earth.

3. Cats and dogs do not have strong vision. They rely on scent and sound primarily as their sensory detection. Cats in particular have weak vision. They are colour blind, and cats more so than dogs.

4. Snakes have two sets of eyes. One set is the normal eyes that you see, and they detect colour quite well. But they also have vision pits that detect heat and “see” living creatures like an infrared detector.

5. Insects: to the human eye the flower looks solid yellow but insects can aim for the bullseye in the centre

6. Bee: the familiar mop top Dandelion is transformed for the bees