Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brain-Body Integration

Jack Dikian
March 2012

Yesterday I attended a one-day course facilitated by Dr. Roy Sugarman in Sydney titled “The Brain For Allied Health Professionals”. And what a treasure trove of insights, learning, practical techniques, sprightly anecdotes and much wit.

Over the years I’ve attended numerous clinical psychology and neuropsychology courses, many of them, such as Louis Cozolino’s presentations excellent. However and unequivocally this is a standout. Sugarman explains the benefits of looking at brain-body integration - describing how the science of body and brain health has suffered from limitations such as (for example) body experts often neglecting brain function and vice versa even more so.

The one-day course is an intro to showing how the body and brain benefit in terms of increased resilience to stress and ageing when peak performance athlete training principles are applied to us mortals. Through his work with athletes performance in the USA and other populations groups requiring peak performance Sugarman has developed an integrated approach to treating brain conditions, such as traumatic brain injury, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Some of the elements he explores include:

Objective assessment of brain speed, efficiency, and non-conscious bias

Complex movement improving fitness, flexibility, sleep, relaxation, cognition etc;

Nutritional hygiene, involving modification of food choice and preparation, without dieting or usurping role of the nutritionist;

Improvement in interpersonal communication skills and effective social engagement;

Clarity on motivational drivers based on non-conscious emotional bias assessment;

Self-defense techniques guarding brain from everyday toxins, alcohol, and other threats to brain and body health;

The Science of Positivity, heart rate variability and self-guided solutions that target the nervous system directly.

Below is a link to Dr Roy Sugarman’s website http://www.roysugarman.com

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