Monday, February 20, 2012

The universe minus humans minus stars, sun, moon, and earth equals original universe equals heaven

Jack Dikian
February 2012

Walking through the city (Sydney) today with a close friend we were approached by a lady who handed us a leaflet. Not wanting to seem rude we accepted it and walked on.

Later, I was intrigued with the pictorials and some of the text (see attached); True world, False world, the Universe minus humans, and so on and so forth.

Those who know where this is going will know I’m describing Maum Meditation. In Korean, Maum means mind, soul or spirit and this style of meditation is a 7-step method of subtraction that allows the individual to become free of their human mind.

It seems the underlying premise is that the human mind accumulates “pictures” that are taken by a five-sense “camera” through our senses (no mention of vestibular sense) and it is these pictures that dictate our behaviors, emotions, desires, etc.

The next part to this is interesting. The logic chain is that the “pictures are illusions” and therefore humans live with these illusions and accept them as real. Those that have read 16th century philosophy will recall Descartes.

When for example Descartes decided to question everything. He starts by saying that any knowledge we have gained from others is not certain, since we ourselves did not acquire this knowledge first hand. He goes on to claim that even our senses may deceive us. Is their any way to be sure our senses are always accurate? Therefore: we can’t fully trust them. If we can’t trust our senses then what can we trust? Can we trust our thoughts? Well, we can't trust our thoughts that are based on 'knowledge' that we have learned, since we can’t trust our senses or anything outside ourselves. What then can we trust? What then do we know?

So it seems in Maum, rather than mistrust our senses, let’s just “free” ourselves of these pictures, and by consequence, free ourselves of “false” worlds.

An interesting extract; “The universe minus humans minus stars, sun, moon, and earth equals original universe equals heaven.

It amazing what one learns when they take a minute to read what’s been pushed into their lap…

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