Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blind spots and concepts out of our humanly reach

I was having a conversation with a colleague today about the usefulness of Johari windows in self reflection - in particular dealing with our own blind spots when my mind turned to something I have been giving a lot though to lately; our blind spots arising from a lack of mental architectures dealing with concepts out of our present reach.

This might include, for example, obscure items or concepts such the obvious difficulty we have;

  • Visualizing the fourth dimension (or any dimension higher than 3), 
  • Thinking about a time before time, 
  • Coming to grips with the capacious atom, 
  • The shape of the universe, 
  • Space-time singularities (read we have no clue) and even
  • Imagining alternate and/or co-existing universes. 

I usually, and privately try to make sense of the such through the lens of the anthropic principle.

Driving home, I wanted to hold on to Johari windows, blind spots and see if I can weave a thread that might run through those notions currently out of our reach; In particular the idea of the multiverse (hypothetical set of multiple possible universes). There are currently 3 multiverse models that are not related and it goes without say they are not seen.

Follow the link below for a far better explanation that I’m capable of;

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