Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crazy and Social Networks

Over the years I’ve been on and off Facebook for quite a large periods of time depending on my perceived need to socialize, catch-up with people I had lost touch with, and perhaps unwittingly, and as one “friend” put it “stalk away” with an all knowing smile J to say it was okay.

We all know Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and some other sites have become the gold standard for socialization and the connectivity that such sites offer have made them compelling and for some people essential to daily life.

Some psychologists now believe that having a social network account is a sign of good mental health and, as evidenced by people like James Holmes and Anders Behring Breivik who didn’t have such accounts. So it’s a good thing I was tempted to reactivate my Facebook account – not a minute to lose.

Avoiding social networks won’t in itself make a person a psychopath, however, people who are prone to serious mental illness like these people are perhaps more likely to avoid such sites in the first place.

According to one psychologist, “Crazy people tend to not have a lot of friends and the ones they do have tend to not be very close. It’s not the lack of friends that make them crazy it’s the crazy that makes them not have any friends.

However, a person not having friends is not a rock solid indicator that the person will eventually go on a shooting rampage. Those types of things are traditionally very tough to predict,”

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